Meeting Resource Center
Take your skills to the next level with these quick how-to videos on anything and everything Meeting.

Join a Meeting

Joining a meeting is quick and easy! Discover the options for joining meetings based on your requirements and to ensure the best meeting experience possible.

One Minute Video Introductions

Joining & Configuring Audio/Video

Learn the options for joining and configuring Meeting's audio and video settings.

Meeting Controls

Get a quick introduction to the basic meeting controls available on Meeting calls.

Sharing Your Screen

This video covers screen sharing and related Meeting collaboration tools.

Record a Meeting

Meeting offers easy recording. Learn how to make a recording and configure the recording settings.

Schedule a Meeting

Learn the few steps to properly schedule a meeting.

Assigning Scheduling Privileges

See how you can configure Meeting to allow others to schedule on your behalf.

Scheduling a Meeting in Outlook

Discover the few easy steps required to schedule Meeting in Outlook.

Schedule a Webinar

See how to configure your Meeting Webinar for maximum success.

User Management

Learn how to easily manage your Meeting users and licenses.